Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Haemorrhoids (Piles): Causes and Symptoms

073.gifHaemorrhoids (piles) are swellings that develop from the lining of the anus and lower rectum (back passage). Symptoms range from temporary and mild, to persistent and painful. In many cases, haemorrhoids are small and symptoms settle down without treatment. If required, treatment is usually effective.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Health Benefits of Lady Finger

Lady Finger earned its curious name because the edible part of the plant is long and tapered, much like the fingers of an elegant lady. Lady Finger is a wonderful source of important vitamins such as vitamins C, A, E, K, and B complex, as well as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, magnesium, selenium, manganese and zinc.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Eat Right for Your Type

 The Eat Right for Your Type diet encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type -- A, B, AB, or O.
Blood types affect the digestive system and that some foods good for people of one type are "dangerous" for another. It goes further than that for D'Adamo, a naturopathic doctor, who believes that your blood type also determines your susceptibility to certain illnesses and how you should exercise.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Have You Committed To A Personal Financial Plan?

How many times have you heard the adage that most people don't plan to fail, but that they often fail to plan? Few individuals purposely or at least consciously decide to avoid planning for their financial planning, but at the same time, many people never formally create their own financial plan, and even fewer actually commit to following that plan. Everyone has certain financial needs, and these include: planning for retirement; creating a funding source for a child's education; having a reserve for emergencies and/ or contingencies; having an opportunities fund, etc. While we all have different priorities and needs, goals, and aspirations, those that formally plan and then commit to their personal financial plan generally live a far less stressful and worried existence.

Stop, Wait, And Take A Deep Breath

One of the most consistent errors made by those in leadership is to immediately and emotionally respond to situations, criticisms, words or positions of others. It is inherent on a true leader to remain patient and in control, both of his circumstances, as well as his emotions and behaviors. Therefore, it would be wise for a leader, when facing any sort of confrontation or adverse circumstances, to force himself to stop, then wait to react or speak, and to take a series of deep breaths to calm himself, delay over - reacting, reduce his stress, and delay acting too quickly.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Learn To Laugh More

Whether you are interested in leading an organization, a business, or simply getting a better handle on self - direction, there is little doubt that having a sense of humor is an extraordinarily powerful asset and trait. Humorless leaders take themselves far too seriously, and this often causes a necessary disconnect in terms of developing human bonds. In addition, when one refuses to laugh, and especially to occasionally laugh at himself, he creates an over - concentration on negative energies, and relies far too little on the human aspects of effective and meaningful leadership. There are numerous reasons that anyone wanting to excel as a leader should evaluate how humor might impact his potential success.

Focus First On Value And Success Will Follow

How many times have you, or someone you known, insisted they their goal was to become truly successful, while often never really describing what success meant to them? Success is not something to be focused upon, but rather will come as a result of our attitudes, actions, how meaningful our visions and goals might be, our personal values, and especially, whether we prioritize providing value to others on a consistent basis. When we focus solely on our personal benefit, as well as the what's in it for me prioritization, we may observe short term or even intermediate term basis, but will almost never become truly successful. Success, in the longer term, is almost invariably based on the value that we provide to others as a result of our attitudes, efforts, and actions taken.



Our bodies are battlegrounds against infection and diseases. Normal body functions such as breathing or physical activity and other lifestyle habits such as smoking produce substances called free radicals that attack healthy cells. When these healthy cells are weakened, they are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E and carotenoids, which include beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Blood Types: How it is determined

 Blood Types

Although all blood is made of the same basic elements, not all blood is alike. In fact, there are eight different common blood types, which are determined by the presence or absence of certain antigens – substances that can trigger an immune response if they are foreign to the body. Since some antigens can trigger a patient's immune system to attack the transfused blood, safe blood transfusions depend on careful blood typing and cross-matching.

Friday, 4 October 2013

How Do You Earn Respect?

Have you ever thought about whether you have earned the respect of others? Even each and every day? Perhaps the most essential component of maintaining a worthwhile and positive experience is how you feel about yourself, and whether your words, actions and integrity are consistent and absolute.
more importantly, do you earn your own respect

Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Truth about Eggs

Eggs have gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. Deemed bad for the heart by health experts, they have been the subjects of criticism and scrutiny. But are our white (sometimes brown) friends really that unhealthy for us? In the last few years, numerous health organizations have been vindicating eggs' reputation. So what are we to believe; why were eggs chastised, only to be acclaimed again?

old egg myths

If You Take No Risks, You'll Never Do Anything Great!

Great leaders cannot be controlled by trying to avoid making any mistakes or being criticized. Rather, they always realize that unless someone is willing to take on some risk, he will never accomplish anything of any meaning. In fact, the only individual who never will do anything risky is someone who does nothing.

Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine.
Back pain may have a sudden onset or can be a chronic pain; it can be constant or intermittent, stay in one place or radiate to other areas. It may be a dull ache, or a sharp or piercing or burning sensation. The pain may radiate into the arms and hands as well as the legs or feet, and may include symptoms other than pain. These symptoms may include tingling, weakness or numbness.